English Cast Announced for the Armed Girls Machiavellism Anime

The English cast has been announced for the Armed Girls Machiavellism anime:

  • Scott Gibbs is Nomura
  • Kira Vincent-Davis is Rin
  • Maggie Flecknoe is Mary
  • Allison Sumrall is Satori
  • Juliet Simmons is Warabi
  • Luci Christian is Tsukuyo
  • Carli Mosier is Amou
  • Joanne Bonasso is Kyo-bo
  • Andrew Love is Masukodera
  • Joe Daniels is Omugi
  • Gareth West is Hiko
  • Catherine Thomas is Sasa
  • Shanae’a Moore is Nono
  • Meg McDonald is Cho-ka
  • Elissa Cuellar is Migii
  • Chelsea McCurdy is Tohko
  • Katelyn Barr is Tanukihara
  • Alexandra Bedford is Nico
  • Kelley Peters is Misogi
  • Casey Magin is Eva
  • Joanne Bonasso is Yukino
  • Brittney Karbowski is Koharu
  • Samantha Stevens is Michiyuki
  • Natalie Jones is Dwo-mo

Sentai Filmworks will release the series on Blu-ray Disc as both a standard edition and a premium box set on August 21, 2018. The premium box set will include a 240-page booklet, six art cards, and sticker sets. Both sets will include the original video anime.

Source: ANN

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