Anime Song Streaming Service ANiUTa to Launch in the United States in August 2018

ANiUTa Co., Ltd. has announced that ANiUTa, the world’s first anime song streaming service, will debut in the United States in August 2018. ANiUTa launched in Japan in March 2017, and originally aimed to launch the service overseas by the end of 2017.

The main companies and labels behind the venture include Flying Dog, Avex Pictures, Kadokawa, Sunrise Music Publishing, Toei Animation Music Publishing, TOHO, Frontier Works, Pony Canyon, Marvelous, and Lantis. Other companies and labels participating in the streaming service include Earth Star Records, EXIT TUNES, SNK, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, CAPCOM, Karent, Smiral, TEAM Entertainment, Tokuma Japan Communications, Dreamusic, Falcom, TMS Music, VAP, Victor Entertainment, 1st Place, Bushiroad Music, United Music and Arts, Mages, Rejet and Warner Brothers.

In Japan, the service costs 600 yen (about US$5.40) a month, tax included. The app runs on Android and iOS devices, and streams at 128 or 320 kilobits per second with text lyrics when available. Those without paid subscriptions can still use the app to perform searches of streaming songs and preview them.

Source: ANN

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