Case Closed: Episode 906 – “Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (Part Two)”

We get a brief recap of the important information concerning the case that was revealed in the first part. After the opening credits, the story jumps right back in where it left off.

Kogoro declares the deaths of Otaro and his partner as accidents, but the police reveal a piece of information that came to light in the previous episode concerning the death of Otaro’s partner that makes it clear that he had been murdered. Another investigator comes in with important information: a fingerprint of Otaro’s that they found at the murder scene matches a fingerprint on one of the masks from seven years ago that hadn’t been wiped clean. It’s also revealed that Ohara (the chef at the guest house) had a bugging device in his room.

Not only do we get these revelations, we also get revelations for Ide and the writer that connect to the murder seven years ago and the Masked Comet Byun show. So many revelations over the course of a roughly five minute span. Wow!

When Kogoro and Conan go to investigate Otaro’s murder scene, Conan finally determines the truth of the situation. He uses one of the sleeping darts on Kogoro, and reveals the truth behind not only the two recent deaths, but the murder seven years ago as well. And, right near the end, Miona is able to positively identify the culprit that Conan names as the masked man who approached her seven years earlier when she witnessed the murder. As a viewer, it was nice to see Miona get that resolution, especially when we finally see her able to smile again after having such a heavy weight lifted off of her shoulders after having to carry it for seven years.

Overall, I thought this was a well done two-part episode of Case Closed, and it was amazing to see all the rapid-fire revelations during this episode.

After the preview for the next episode, it was announced that Case Closed will be taking a week off next week for the J League. So I’ll write about the series again in two weeks…

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