Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Episode 8 – “The Trap at Planet Stravaze!”

Like I always do, I will be using “aka” designations for the characters’ names, so readers who are only familiar with the English names from Star Blazers will know who I am referring to.

At the end of the previous episode, the Yamato took in 200 civilians who survived the attack on the 11th planet. Now, Susumu Kodai (aka Derek Wildstar) and the other high-ranking officers on the Yamato have to decide how to get the civilians back to Earth. Lieutenant Keyman, the Gamilan who has been traveling on the Yamato informs them of a regular Gamilan transport that is on its way to Earth, and that they can rendezvous at planet Stravaze. Susumu and the others agree with the plan.

Susumu, meanwhile, has stresses to deal with. Saito (aka Sergeant Knox) makes it clear that he feels Susumu made a mistake letting the Gatlantians survive because of the promise Captain Okita (aka Captain Avatar) had made with Queen Stasha (aka Queen Starsha) of Iscandar. Shortly after this, he discovers that Yuki (aka Nova) had managed to sneak onboard the ship even though he had told her to stay on Earth. While he relents to letting her stay for the short term, he assigns her to the mission of accompanying Saito and his men when they escort the civilians back to Earth. I knew that Yuki’s sneaking onboard would have to be part of this telling of this story, especially since we see Yuki in the opening credits. I have to admit that I think this version of this plot point is stronger than it was in the original series.

There was also a great scene between Yuki and Yamamoto, and it’s mentioned how the female members of the Yamato‘s crew have a bond with each other. I still heavily applaud this reboot for incorporating more women among the main characters, and I appreciated this scene for acknowledging the sense of sisterhood that would surely have to exist between these characters.

It looks like Hijikata (aka Captain Gideon) is going to be playing a bigger role at this point in the series. Instead of leaving the Yamato with the civilians, he plans to stay on board the ship to help oversee the crew and keep an eye on the ship that has a connection to his longtime friend, Okita. I like this version of Hijikata so much more than the version of this character from the original franchise.

I’ve mentioned over the past couple of weeks that I had my doubts about Lieutenant Keyman and his intentions for accompanying the Yamato on this mission. This episode seems to show that my doubts were not unfounded. Even though it didn’t quite happen the way Keyman intended, he had a plan all along for the Yamato to rendezvous with the Gamilan transport at Stravaze. When he meets up with members from the transport, Keyman is given something that can have a major impact on the Yamato.

A crazed archaeologist takes off in one of the Yamato‘s transport ships in order to find important an ruin on Stravaze. Susumu and a female archaeologist go after him. But Susumu is ambushed, and the female archaeologist returns to the Yamato alone. Right at the end of the episode, though, it gets kind of trippy… the archaeologist reveals himself to be Zworder (aka Prince Zordar). Huh? Hmmm, this could be… interesting.

From the preview, it looks like Susumu will be having quite the chat with Zworder, and perhaps may start getting some information regarding Teresa (aka Trelaina) and planet Terezert (aka Telezart). Next week’s episode could be quite interesting.

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