Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Episode 7 – “The Beam of Light Flashes! Radiance of the Wave Motion Gun”

I’ll be using “aka” designations for the characters, so readers who are only familiar with the English names from Star Blazers will know who I’m talking about.

After the cliffhanger of last week’s episode, we see that the Yamato is fine, even though there is some damage and fire that must be dealt with.

It seemed like the command center on the 11th planet had been totally destroyed, but it turns out there are a handful of survivors… including Hijikata (aka Captain Gideon). Saito (aka Sergeant Knox) leads a group of his men to mount a rescue operation.

Lieutenant Keyman, the Gamilan who has been traveling with the Yamato crew, is still as aloof as ever, but he’s also giving hints and helping in subtle ways. This is very important for how the Yamato ends up resolving a dilemma they find themselves in. That dilemma is discovering that the Gatlanteans are planning to execute a maneuver that could destroy the Earth.

Susumu Kodai (aka Derek Wildstar) finds himself in a predicament. In order to stop the Gatlanteans from executing their plan, he needs to have the Yamato fire the Wave Motion Gun. However, Susumu is torn because of the promise that Captain Okita (aka Captain Avatar) made to Queen Stasha (aka Queen Starsha) about never using the Wave Motion Gun again. This really is quite the ethical dilemma and struggle for Susumu, but through encouragement from Sanada (aka Sandor), he makes the decision to use it. Normally, I wouldn’t have stated this in the write-up, since it technically is a spoiler, but the title of the episode kind of gives this away. LOL!

Even though Lieutenant Keyman does give some subtle help in this episode, I’m still very suspicious about his motives… and the preview for the next episode seems to provide potential corroboration for the feelings I’ve had about this character over the past couple of episodes. It’s going to be interesting as the series progresses to see whether or not my suspicions about him end up being valid.

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