Case Closed: Episode 904 – “Result of the Draw”

Case Closed is back after a two week break with a mystery that is introduced and resolved within one episode.

The set up is that the Detective Boys and Professor Agasa are playing soccer together in order to help the professor lose weight. Genta kicks the ball into a nearby yard, and goes to retrieve it. The intercom for the home isn’t working, and Genta screams when he sees a dead body in a window. Conan and the others hear the scream, find out what’s going on, and someone in the house opens the door. Conan rushes inside, and finds two dead people in a room, and the woman (who is the wife of one of the deceased men) claims she was so tired from taking care of her mother that she didn’t hear a struggle.

The police, led by Inspector Megure and Takagi, investigate the crime. Conan is able to glean a piece of information or two before being shooed away from the crime scene.

Basically, the writer sets up a scenario for the murder that makes it seem like it’s a pretty open and shut case. But considering this conclusion was reached so early in the episode, I knew that there had to be more than what it appeared to be on the surface. But thanks to some help from Professor Agasa, Conan is able to figure out the truth behind the crime and relay it to the police.

This ended up being a rather standard Case Closed mystery that is resolved in one episode. It’s not a bad story, per se, but there was really nothing to make this stand out too terribly much from other similar murder mysteries that have appeared in this series’ run. At least next week’s episode is the first in a multi-episode arc, so hopefully it will be a little more on the interesting side.

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