Manga Art for Intermediates Brings Extra Steps and Knowledge from a Japanese Mangaka

Manga Art for Intermediates, the sequel to the #1 Amazon bestseller how-to-create-manga Manga Art for Beginners, is here to take your character drawing to a whole new level.

Created by author and manga journalist Danica Davidson and Japanese mangaka Rena Saiya, this book not only shows detailed steps on how to draw a variety of characters, but it also gives insider information on how Japanese mangaka work and what Japanese publishers look for. Opening pages discuss what pens mangaka prefer, how to paint hair with brushes, what products to apply if mistakes are made, the steps to attaching screentones, and what to look for when deciding on manga-creating software.

From this starting pointing, readers can then draw a series of characters inspired by common manga archetypes. Rather than rushing people through steps in a few intimidating pages, the characters come alive in an average of 15-30 steps, letting artists really see all the details. Manga Art for Intermediates is already getting praise from experts in the industry, and, with its hundreds of drawings, artists will be shown how to draw:

  • Shonen Hero
  • Shojo Girl
  • Gothic
  • Bride & Groom
  • Seme & Uke
  • Nekojin
  • Yokai
  • Victorian Man
  • Female Warrior
  • and more

With Saiya’s insider information from working for top Japanese publishers and Davidson’s knowledge of the American manga market, this book offers a unique opportunity for artists to better understand the creative and business side of drawing manga characters. Aimed for both those wanting to draw for fun and artists interested in pursuing their passion professionally, Manga Art for Intermediates is unlike anything else on the market.

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