Case Closed: Episode 903 – “Birds of a Feather at Loggerheads”

The episode opens with Conan, Ran, and Kogoro at a restaurant and overhearing two patrons nearby arguing. They are both reporters for the same newspaper, they have similar sounding names, and they seem to have the exact same habits. After the argument ends, one of the reporters leaves, and purposefully grabs the other’s travel mug (they look exactly the same, but it’s obvious this one was closer to the other reporter). Afterward, Conan approaches the other reporter and points out that he has the wrong mug. Conan is brushed off, and is told that he’ll switch his mug with the other reporter’s later.

Well, the reporter Conan talked to is found dead later that night, apparently from coffee poisoned by cyanide that he drank from the mug. Conan and Kogoro end up on the case with the police, and it turns out the two reporters were involved with writing articles about the death of a wealthy man and the disappearance of his will.

Basically, this story can be summed up in this way: at first, it looks like the case has been solved, but then a new twist is added. This happens at least three times over the course of the episode, and it’s up to Conan to detangle the web that these twists create. I think I had basically deduced what the truth was shortly before Conan revealed it. However, I didn’t really feel any sense of pride in it, because, to be honest, I didn’t really care about this particular mystery all that much. This is one of the few times where I can truly say that I felt rather “meh” about an episode of Case Closed. I honestly just never felt that interested or invested in this story. The two reporters just weren’t likable characters, and even after the truth is revealed, the reporter who was still alive was never redeemed or seem to feel any remorse for anything.

Also, I thought that the whole shtick about these two guys being so similar was kind of dumb. Yes, it did play a part in one of the twists that came up while trying to solve the mystery, but I still didn’t think it really worked all that well. In the end, I thought this was a weak episode that just didn’t match the quality standard I’ve come to expect from Case Closed.

Oh well. Hopefully the next episode will be more interesting.

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