30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 23 – Favorite Attack Someone Used In An Anime

I also had a hard time trying to decide on a favorite attack someone used in an anime. But in the end, like with my answer to yesterday’s prompt, I went with something unconventional and humorous.

My choice here is “One Thousand Years of Death” from Naruto. It’s really funny how it has such an ominous name, yet all it requires is someone putting their index and middle fingers into an opponent’s bottom to cause embarrassment. It’s rather hilarious when Kakashi uses it on Naruto when Team 7 is doing the exercise that requires them to get the bells away from him. The comedy comes from just how far Kakashi is able to propel Naruto in the air with what appears to be a stupid technique. But it’s later revealed that there’s actually a point to this technique and how making certain substitutions can make it something lethal. So, it’s a joke but also a kind of technique… which is why I decided to make this my choice for today’s prompt.

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