30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 – Anime With The Best Animation

It was a bit of a struggle to decide what to choose for anime with the best animation, but I did come up with a final answer.

I ended up choosing Satoshi Kon’s 2006 film, Paprika. The premise of the movie is that it features a therapist who is using a device that allows her to enter other’s dreams to help psychiatric patients. However, the device falls into the wrong hands, and chaos ensues. With this idea of being able to enter dreams and manipulate them, it’s to be expected that there are going to be some trippy animation sequences. However, the quality of the animation is really good in this film, and the details that appear in it to help illustrate this concept are simply amazing. The animation needed to be fantastic in order to pull this film off, and I think Satoshi Kon and his crew utilized the animation well. The technical aspects are impressive, and some of the effects that needed to be achieved really grab the viewer and keep them drawn into what’s going on.

It’s such a shame that Satoshi Kon passed away, because I would have loved to have seen what else he might have been able to accomplish with his craft.

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  1. Literary Lion · May 16, 2018

    That screenshot is stunning! Maybe I should put that on my to watch list…

  2. Rainyshadows · August 19, 2018

    The movie is beyond comparison. His words were influential to the west..remember that scene where reality breaks like a glass and paprika it was used in inception. You have to watch perfect blue.. His another amazing work

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