30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 10 – Favorite Fighter Anime

It’s time to unveil my favorite fighter anime, and I found myself trying to decide which series in a particular franchise should get the nod.

I was debating between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Z ultimately won out. Yes, there’s fighting and good stories in the first Dragon Ball series, but Dragon Ball Z kicks things up a few notches to make it even more of a fighter anime.

Introducing the sci-fi element of the Saiyans and the Nameks was a nice touch. This installment also introduced the world to Vegeta, who has become such an important and iconic character of the franchise. Young Gohan was great… but don’t get me started on Teen Gohan. Videl was great, because we got to see a female become a fighter. Chi-Chi may have fought when she was younger, but marriage and motherhood basically brought that to a halt. Goku’s new power ups were also fascinating to see, and I also always liked Goku’s sense of justice and looking out for others during his battles (such as insisting fights be taken as far away from cities as he can in order to minimize any needless destruction and death).

While Dragon Ball Z is primarily a shonen fighting anime, there’s also other elements, such as humor, that make it seem like more than just a fighting anime.

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