Case Closed: Episode 900 – “Solving Mysteries in a Locked Room”

This episode sees Kogoro and Conan in an abandoned research facility, with the victim of an attempted murder and potential suspects. We see flashbacks of Kogoro taking on the case, and well as of Kogoro and Conan interviewing suspects. The flashbacks also include Kogoro and Conan finding the last piece of evidence they needed to solve the case before gathering everyone together.

Not only did we see a lot of reliance of flashbacks to show the solving of the case, but the case is solved before the halfway point of the episode. As a long time viewer of Case Closed, I know that this is not typical storytelling for the series, so I knew that something had to be up.

And… I was right. A twist is revealed: there was no actual crime or attempted crime. Everyone involved with this mystery is part of a prank show, and they were shooting this for a TV station. But again, this happened before the halfway point… which threw me off. Right before the commercial break, it was revealed that one of the actors involved isn’t an actor at all… they have a grudge against Kogoro and want to kill him for revenge. Unfortunately, this individual has locked everyone inside, there’s no one outside to help them, and there’s no cell phone service. And it turns out a deadly prop isn’t a prop after all.

So, Conan is left trying to figure out how to save the day, especially after realizing that his special shoes are being repaired. At first, we see Conan really putting on the little kid act (which, as long time viewers know, he really doesn’t like doing unless he absolutely has to). But his acting was so convincing to me at one point, that I wanted to give him a hug because it was heartbreaking.

I don’t want to say any more than this, because anything further would be spoiling the end of the episode. But this episode had more twists in it than I would have normally expected from Case Closed, so that was a nice change of pace. While this episode may not have been part of the overarching storyline, it was still interesting and told with a couple of layers of plot twists that aren’t typical for the series.

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