30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

I really had to think hard on this question. The answer I came up with is a series I watched as a simulcast a few years back. While my thoughts did change on it while I was watching the simulcast, I have to admit that I did actually enjoy the first three or four episodes of it.

The series in question would be Brothers Conflict. I was looking back through the write-ups I did for each episode after I watched them, and in the conclusion for the first four episodes, I mentioned that I thought the show was interesting and that I was enjoying what I was seeing. But by the end of the fifth episode, though, my opinion started changing because of the actions of some of Ema’s stepbrothers. Some of these plot points started to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

But as I was going through these old write-ups, I really liked this comment I had in the write-up for Episode 6:

After I finished watching this episode, I nearly wanted to yell to Ema: “Run! Run for the hills and get away from this den of hormones! This isn’t what they mean by ‘brotherly love’!”

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