30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 – Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

Now I need to narrow this down to one female character being my favorite. However, it seems I’m having an easier time with this than I did trying to narrow down to one favorite male character.

For this one, I’m going with Tsunade from Naruto. Yes, when we first meet her, she’s a cynical woman who has the absolute worst luck with gambling. Yes, she has a gambling addiction. But after her encounters with Naruto, she realizes that leading the Hidden Leaf Village isn’t such a bad idea. After she takes on the title of Hokage, she shows she’s competent and cares about the village. Sure, she has problems with drinking and trying to skip out of her duties, but when she is doing her job, she’s good at it. She’s also an accomplished medical ninja as well. It’s nice to see a character like Tsunade who has strength and agency, still having some flaws… this helps to make her more human and more relatable. Also, her growth as a character over the course of the series is incredible, and it’s a big part of the reason why I like her so much. Besides, a favorite character doesn’t have to be a perfect character.

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