Case Closed: Episode 899 – “The Real Culprit’s Scream”

After a two week hiatus, Case Closed is back.

This episode opens with a woman named Saeki Ayano going to visit a co-worker’s apartment. When she gets there, she hears screaming and glass breaking. After finding the spare key and entering the apartment, Saeki finds Mifuyu, her co-worker, on the floor. She’s been stabbed, and a knife with blood lays on the floor by her. Mifuyu tells Saeki to run, and Saeki ends up leaving because she hears a noise on the patio outside and believes the murderer is still around.

As she runs down the street, she runs into Kogoro Mori and Conan Edogawa, who are out trying to find somewhere to go for lunch. Kogoro and Conan become involved with the case, and are shocked when they discover that Mifuyu’s body has disappeared. This was the first incident that made me believe that this murder wasn’t what it appeared to be on the surface

Inspector Megure and Takagi join them at the scene, and the evidence leads them to believe that Tabata, Mifuyu’s boyfriend, killed her and took the body. But Conan notices a couple of things that start making him think that something’s not right about this theory.

When they go to Tabata’s house to talk to him, they discover that he has been poisoned. At this point, I had basically figured out the basics of the truth of the mystery. There were ultimately a couple of things I hadn’t quite figured out yet, but they were ultimately minor details.

Overall, this ended up being an average episode of Case Closed. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it ended up being relatively easy to figure out the truth behind what happened before most of the characters do.

Oh well. This definitely isn’t one of the episodes that’s meant to progress the overarching story, and it looks like next week’s episode will also fall into this category. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get back to episodes that progress the main storyline, but hopefully it won’t take too terribly long.

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