Noragami: Stray God Manga to Resume in June 2018 After a Year-Long Hiatus

Kodansha has announced that Adachitoka will resume their Noragami: Stray God manga in the magazine’s July 2018 issue on June 6, 2018. The manga went on an extended hiatus in May 2017 so that one of the members of Adachitoka could recuperate from an illness. While the manga’s hiatus began in May 2017, the manga’s 75th chapter also didn’t appear as planned in April 2017. At the time the editorial staff said the unexpected break in that issue was due to “circumstances.”

The story of the manga is described as:

Yato is a homeless god.​ He doesn’t even have a shrine,​ not to mention worshippers. So to achieve his ambitious goals,​ he’s set up a service to help those in need (for a small fee), hoping he’ll eventually raise enough money to build himself the lavish temple of his dreams.​ Of course,​ he can’t afford to be picky,​ so Yato accepts all kinds of jobs,​ from finding lost kittens to helping a student overcome bullies at school.​

Adachitoka launched Noragami: Stray God in Monthly Shonen Magazine in 2010. Kodansha Comics publishes the manga in English.

Source: ANN


  1. Karandi · April 27, 2018

    That’s good news. I wonder if that means we’ll ever get a third season of the anime.

    • Lesley Aeschliman · April 27, 2018

      I hope it does. I really liked both seasons of Noragami, and I would love to see more of the story adapted into anime.

      • Karandi · April 27, 2018

        Definitely. The anime is one of my favourites and it is a great gateway anime for people who’ve never tried it before. There’s so much energy and humour and yet some fairly dramatic moments. It just works for people and the characters are fantastic.

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