Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line: Episode 14 – “Heart’s Wrapping, Heart’s Case”

The episode opens with a flashback of Kishigami’s childhood, with him narrating what it was like. What he describes is the exact opposite of his personality now. But before the audience can get any insight into how he grew up into the character that he is now, the show goes to the opening credits.

After the credits, we return to Kishigami’s flashback and narration. It turns out that there’s no real incident that causes this change, it’s just something that he repressed during his childhood. He was a bookworm and would read about things, but Kishigami found himself wondering what other people’s bodies felt like, since he couldn’t get that from a book. As a kid, he realizes that staring at other people is rude and that people would find his fascination with other people’s bodies creepy.

We jump ahead to where the previous episode ended, when the flashback of how Midousuji met Kishigami in middle school was just starting. In the flashback, he accidentally says out loud that he’s interested in seeing the riders’ muscles, and it looks like Midousuji might have overheard him. But one rainy day, Kishigami approaches Midousuji to talk to him. But with each thing he says, Midousuji points out how it contradicts what Kishigami said the last time they saw each other. Kishigami realizes that Midousuji tells the truth, while he is hiding behind lies. But this turns into an awkward situation for Kishigami, and he runs off.

Hmmm… I wonder how the friendship they have now is going to develop. Something obviously has to happen, but I’m not sure what it could be, so I’ll keep watching this flashback in the hopes of finding out. OK, now Kishigami is having a mental crisis here, and I think this may be the beginning of the attitude and behavior he has now. He actually jumps onto a fence and calls out to Midousuji, telling him that he wants to touch his muscles… and asks what he should do. The other racers start laughing at Kishigami, and pointing out that Midousuji isn’t a girl. Midousuji goes over to Kishigami, and Kishigami starts spilling everything to Midousuji. This is where Kishigami snaps. While that in itself isn’t funny, Midousuji’s shocked expression kind of is. Midousuji almost looks like his brain is broken because he’s so taken aback. Midousuji regains his composure, and tells Kishigami that if he wants to come to the other side of the fence, he has to ride a bike.

A-ha! This must be how Kishigami got into road racing. Oh, Kishigami’s grin was just so creepy here… this is definitely the beginning of his transformation into the character that we know now. OK, now Midousuji has placed a new condition on Kishigami: he can only touch his muscles if he can catch Midousuji while they’re riding bikes. I’m guessing this is Midousuji’s way to encourage Kishigami to become a better bicycle racer.

OK, now we see Kishigami join Kyoto Fushimi’s team, and how he became Midousuji’s masseuse. It appears that it’s Midousuji who encourages Kishigami to touch the moving muscles of other racers. Midousuji’s “encouragement” of this behavior is just about as creepy as Kishigami’s obsession.

While this flashback is helping me to better understand Kishigami as a character, I still find his attitude and behavior to be creepy. And I’m having a hard time deciding which one is creepier: Kishigami or Midousuji?

Aaand… about halfway through the episode, the flashback is over, and we return to the race between Kishigami and Izumida to cross the sprint line first. During this race, we see Izumida thinking about his role on his team and how he has to be a good captain. To me, this is not a good sign… I almost fear that this going to lead to Kishigami winning this race to the sprit line. I hope I’m wrong, though.

Oh, but we now have a flashback of Izumida talking with Fukutomi, and I’m sure what Fukutomi has to say here will come into play as they head closer to the sprint line. But, it’s looking like Izumida’s determination may not help in this race. Right now, it looks like Kishigami is on track to reach that sprint line first. Nooo! Oh, but then Kishigami hears something from the crowd that catches him off guard. Will this be enough to give Izumida the opening he needs to win?

And, well, we won’t know until next week, because the episode ends. I think it’s safe to say that the winner of this little race between Izumida and Kishigami will be determined in the next episode. Oh, please, don’t let Kishigami win.

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