Case Closed: Episode 898 – “The Melting Cake!”

This episode focuses on Cafe Poirot and on Amuro. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan drop by one morning for breakfast, and they notice a cake fridge behind the counter they don’t recognize. Apparently, it’s been there for a month. Right nearby, we see that the cafe has an electric kettle that can be turned on with a cell phone before the store opens in the morning. When the cake fridge is opened, it’s discovered that the cakes stored inside it were melted.

Just as this mystery is unfolding, Conan gets a call on his Detective Boys badge about launching a drone that Professor Agasa built. During the conversation, the drone launches on its own and crashes to the ground. With the launch canceled, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko come over to Cafe Poirot. When they get there, a repairman says there’s nothing wrong with the cake fridge. At this point, the mystery is on to figure out how the cakes are melting in the cake fridge.

Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko think they’ve come up with the solution pretty quickly, but Conan feels sure they’re wrong. He sets up surveillance to watch the outside of the cafe at night. At first, it seems like there’s nothing in the footage, but as Conan examines closer, he starts finding clues.

Early on the episode, I thought I had a basic idea of how the cakes were melting, but not all of the specifics. By the time the answer was revealed, I basically had grasped the basic idea behind it, but not all of the specifics. When the specifics were revealed, it all made sense.

Going into this episode, I assumed it was just going to simply be a filler episode. But an interaction between Amuro and Conan, as well as Conan’s final narrative voice-over, indicate that a major plot point will be coming with Amuro. And I have to say that Conan’s voice over narration right at the end sounded rather ominous.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what this is leading up to, since the next episode looks like it’s going to be a single episode about a murder case. From past experiences with this series, when there’s a voice over narration by Conan hinting at the next piece of the main story arc, the anime shifts into a string of filler episodes for a while. So, realistically, it’s probably going to be a few months before we find out what the end of the episode was hinting at.

Oh, well. I’ll just hang in there and keep on watching in order to be around when the next part of the main story arc is revealed.

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