Case Closed: Episode 897 – “The Woman With White Hands (Part Two)”

The episode opened with a recap of what happened in the previous episode, and the recap was just the right length with just the right amount of information to remind the viewer of the important details of the case that were revealed in the previous episode.

Right at the end of the first part, Conan had figured out who the murderer had to be. I also suspected it was this person, but I didn’t have an explanation for how this person could have set everything up (the Polaroid showing a woman with white hands writing on his cheek, the woman in the sunglasses and broad-rimmed hat, etc.) Much of this episode was devoted to Conan piecing everything together and explaining what he figured out to Inspector Megure and the suspect. Admittedly, it was kind of convoluted the way the suspect had to pull all this off, but in the end, I was willing to go with it and use my willing suspension of disbelief.

But when this suspect was cornered, he showed a violent streak when he tried to attack Conan. Wakasa-sensei covertly protects Conan and takes down the suspect, but tries to claim that she was clumsy and tripped. There’s definitely something that this woman is hiding, and I think Conan has started to realize it also… especially after finding a convenience store receipt in Wakasa-sensei’s apartment that piqued his interest.

Oh, but things get better. Since the suspect was a famous golfer, the media was swarming the apartment building to get a scoop. They happen to come running up right after Wakasa-sensei takes down the suspect. As they ask questions, Megure is trying to tell them the police will issue an official statement later, but Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi start spilling the beans, since they don’t understand police protocol for dealing with the media in a case like this.

Right at the end of the episode, we see two people looking at a news article written about the incident the next day, which prominently features a picture of Wakasa-sensei. The two in question are the Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer and the employee at the sushi restaurant who was first introduced in the mystery that was solved at the restaurant. It appears that both of these gentlemen are potential candidates to be Rum, the leader of the Black Organization. Both of them seem to show an interest in Wakasa-sensei, as if they recognize her. It makes me wonder if Wakasa-sensei could be a former member of the Black Organization or maybe has some kind of affiliation with the FBI or something like that. So it seems to be shaping up that the truth about Wakasa-sensei is going to be another mystery for Conan to try to unravel.

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