Afro Tanaka Manga Franchise to Get New Series in April 2018

This year’s 16th issue of Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine has announced that Masaharu Noritsuke’s Afro Tanaka manga franchise will continue with a new series in the magazine’s combined 21st and 22nd issue on April 23, 2018. The issue teased that Shogakukan will reveal the manga’s title at a later date.

Noritsuke ended the Shiawase Afro Tanaka manga in the same issue. Shogakukan will publish the manga’s 10th volume on April 23, 2018.

The new manga will be the sixth installment in Noritsuke’s Afro Tanaka manga series that has been running since 2002. The gag manga underwent several title changes as it followed Tanaka through every stage of his life: Kōkō Afro Tanaka (High School Afro Tanaka), Chūtai Afro Tanaka (Dropout Afro Tanaka), Jōkyō Afro Tanaka (Tokyo-Bound Afro Tanaka), Sasurai Afro Tanaka (Wandering Afro Tanaka), and Shiawase Afro Tanaka (Happy Afro Tanaka).

Source: ANN

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