Case Closed: Episode 896 – “The Woman With White Hands (Part One)”

The episode opens with a professional golfer at his apartment, talking with his girlfriend. He’s about to move to the United States in order to advance his career, and that he’s wanting to break up. His girlfriend’s father is a lawyer, and she threatens to sue him for breaking up. He invites her over for dinner that night so they can talk things over, but he mutters under his breath that it’ll be their last supper. We then see that Wakasa-sensei, the new assistant teacher for Conan’s class, has overheard the conversation.

After Wakasa-sensei’s introduction to the series not too long ago, I had a feeling that we would be seeing her again at some point. So we see a setup for a potential mystery, but the question is, how does Conan get involved?

At school, we see the class rehearsing for a play, and that Conan has the lead role. His performance blows away his teacher and his classmates. Through a flashback, we learn that when Shinichi was younger, he had this exact same role in a play he did in elementary school. It was amusing to watching how Shinichi’s parents worked with him on the role, especially his mother, since she’s a famous actress. It’s no wonder Conan could perform the role so well.

Unfortunately, the clumsy Wakasa-sensei manages to damage an important piece of scenery for the play, and the reference picture she used to make the piece is at her home. Conan needs to go with Wakasa-sensei, and the other kids want to see Wakasa-sensei’s place. At this point, I knew this was how Conan would become involved in the potential case.

When they get to Wakasa-sensei’s apartment, they see a mysterious woman continuously ringing the doorbell for her neighbor’s apartment, but there’s no answer. The woman leaves in a huff. While Conan and the others are at Wakasa-sensei’s apartment, they heard loud music coming from next door. When they go to confront the neighbor, they find him lying next to his girlfriend, who has been bludgeoned to death. He claims the mysterious woman zapped with him a stun gun and knocked him out, and then wrote “I love you” on his cheek. You can tell pretty quickly that Conan and the police don’t seem to be entirely buying what this guy is saying, and more suspicions are cast when Wakasa-sensei tells everyone about the argument she overheard that morning.

By the end of the episode, Conan seems that have figured out that the athlete is the murderer, and as a viewer, I’m also convinced that somehow he is guilty. However, while I think I know what Conan is thinking, I can’t wait to see the explanation in next week’s episode. Since Conan seems to have already figured out who the guilty party is, I suspect the next episode will be focusing a lot on exposition that shows what Conan figured out in order to piece everything together. Just as long as the writers find a way to make that kind of episode interesting to watch, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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