Case Closed: Episode 895 – “The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (Part Two)”

The recap for this episode was a little on the longer side, but it needed to be that length in order to remind the audience of all the important parts of the previous episode.

So, since this is the final part of this story, the case is solved by the end of the episode. At first, it looks like the waiter who challenged Kogoro into a contest of solving the mystery first is going to win, but, well… he doesn’t. While it seemed like he had lined everything up and solved the case, it turned out he had jumped to a conclusion and hadn’t stopped to think about all the other potential possibilities and the potentially incriminating things that were said by the various patrons in the restaurant.

It kept bugging me how this mystery could be solved since Kogoro seemed to have the missing ticket, but we learn something about the payout ticket in his wallet doesn’t fit with the victim’s ticket.

Of course, it’s ultimately Conan who solves the case, using the tranquilizer dart and voice-changing bowtie trick to create “Sleeping Kogoro” and get the truth out to everyone.

I have to admit that right at first, I was thinking that somehow the thief was the restaurant’s waiter. But, I will tell you that I was wrong, and that I hadn’t figured out who the thief really was before it was revealed. After the real thief was unveiled, I have to admit that I felt kind of sorry for them. Obviously, stealing the woman’s pouch and her winning ticket was wrong, but after the thief explained why they did it, I, at least, felt a small shred of pity for them.

This was a decent enough mystery, although by the end of this two-parter, I found myself not caring much about the waiter who fancied himself to be a detective. With something that’s said at the end, though, I’m afraid he could become a recurring character. But, it was nice to have a mystery that didn’t revolve around a murder, since quite a few of the cases in Case Closed seem to be either murder mysteries or attempted murder mysteries.

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