Case Closed: Episode 894 – “The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (Part One)”

The episode opens with Kogoro, Conan, and Ran watching the horse races on television. Kogoro sees that his horse lost, and says that every horse he bet on lost. He then proceeds to go through a litany of bad things that happened to him when he reached the betting place, capping it off by being bumped into by someone. This caused his wallet to go flying, and his change and tickets fell out

But as Conan goes through the soggy tickets in Kogoro’s wallet, he finds one for a horse that won. It was a dark horse ticket, so it’s worth a lot of money. Kogoro doesn’t remember betting on that horse, but he decides that since the winner’s name isn’t on the ticket, he can redeem it and get the money. Ran and Conan aren’t happy, of course… and as soon as I saw that, I knew that there would be trouble, and that this would have to be the basis for this case.

Kogoro decides to go out to dinner and celebrate, and they go to the sushi restaurant next door. The new waiter is apparently a fan of Kogoro, and he even fancies himself to be a detective. At first, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are the only customers… but soon, three other customers come into the restaurant and place their orders.

An angry woman storms into the restaurant, and insists that she had the dark horse winning ticket in her pouch and that someone in the restaurant stole the pouch from her. She finds the pouch in the bathroom garbage, and explains that she used the GPS on her spare phone to track the phone that was in the pouch. As a timeline for how the theft went down was given by the woman, it was becoming clearer that perhaps the winning ticket Kogoro had in his possession actually belonged to the woman.

I have to admit that without this timeline explanation, I wouldn’t have realized just how easily Kogoro’s ticket could have been hers. Perhaps I missed something earlier in the episode, or simply don’t understand horse racing enough to have picked up on it, but I didn’t realize that Kogoro had bought his tickets not long before we saw him in the opening of the episode. So far, it’s looking like the person who bumped into Kogoro was probably the thief trying to redeem the ticket, and Kogoro mistakenly picked it up. Hoo boy. How does he get out of trouble for this?

Oh, and top things off, the waiter who fancies himself to be a detective decides to challenge Kogoro to see who can solve the case first. What a tangled web, though, since it appears Kogoro has unwittingly stolen the stolen ticket. The resolution to next week’s episode could be very interesting…

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