Case Closed: Episode 893 – “The Mystery of the Michelin Starred Restaurant”

This episode of Case Closed is actually not a multiple part episode. The story opens with Kogoro, Ran, and Conan going to Cucina Eigo, a restaurant that’s hard to get reservations for. When they get there, they see another car parked in the lot… but they find a table with food on it and people’s possessions, but no people are to be found. They also find the chef on the ground, with a minor injury to his head. They find a sheet of paper with the word “curse” on it, and opening the back door reveals five pairs on shoes scattered on the ground and footprints running to a nearby lake.

Well, Conan quickly comes to the conclusion that the mystery they see in front of them isn’t what it seems. At first, it seemed like Conan had pieced the mystery together too quickly… in fact, it seemed like he had already solved it before the halfway point of the episode. I was starting to think this was a rather anti-climactic episode. However, it turned out that there was another layer to the mystery besides what Conan and the audience sees on the surface. This additional layer helped to make this episode a little bit stronger than it originally appeared to be.

But when all was said and done, though, I felt this wasn’t quite as strong of an episode as it could have been. Admittedly, since the mystery was solved in one episode, there really wasn’t another way of presenting it. In a lot of ways, it felt like the mystery needed more than one episode, but there wasn’t enough there to last for two whole episodes. Because of that, the first half of the episode feels a little rushed.

While this wasn’t a terrible episode by any means, I also can’t say that this was one of the better episodes of Case Closed, either. In the long run, it’s a mediocre episode, and one that will more than likely be easily forgotten by viewers who watch it.

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