Case Closed: Episode 892 – “The Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)”

The recap at the beginning of this episode did a great job of reminding the viewer of what happened in the previous episode and setting the stage for what happens in this episode.

In the previous episode, there were hints that made it look like the lawyer for the family that was robbed was the robber, “Kurataya Komakichi.” I felt in the last episode, though, that this was too easy, that this couldn’t be right. Early on in this episode, another character also starts being framed as potentially being “”Kurataya Komakichi”: a police officer named Takajo (one of the officers who questioned Kogoro in the previous episode).

Asuka, the internet reporter, is kidnapped early on in this episode. With something I saw connected to this kidnapping, I suspected another character could be “Kurataya Komakichi,” but I wasn’t quite sure how it could be this person. While I wanted to think it was this person, I couldn’t logically come up with an explanation for how they could have done it… and this nagged me for a while as I watched the episode.

As the story progressed, Conan figured out where Asuka was being held, and with her help, ultimately cracked the case. I won’t say who the culprit was, but I will say that it is one of the three people I referenced here. And after getting a full explanation, this person being the guilty party made a lot of sense.

But Kogoro did actually managed to come up with a deduction on his own without Conan’s help. Admittedly, his deduction didn’t entirely pan out, but it was nice to see Kogoro realize something on his own without some kind of help from Conan. Instances like this are actually quite rare in Case Closed, so these moments do stand out when they happen.

While the first episode of this mystery spent a lot of time building up the story, this one moved through solving the mystery rather quickly. This meant that last week’s episode was kind of bogged down by exposition to establish the mystery, and that this week’s episode felt like it went by rather quickly. Even with the pacing issue between these two episodes, it was overall an interesting mystery.

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