Monthly Tezuka Mix Manga Magazine to Launch in April 2018

Tezuka Productions has announced that it will launch a new monthly manga magazine titled Tezuka Mix. The magazine celebrates the 90th anniversary since the pioneering manga creator Osamu Tezuka’s birth in 1928. The first issue will ship on April 30, 2018, and it will run monthly for 18 issues.

The magazine will include works from manga creators in Japan as well as artists from the West, and they will contribute remakes or homages of Tezuka’s work. Japanese manga creators contributing to the magazine include: Hiroyuki Takei, Atsushi Kaneko, and Yūko Higuchi.

Western artists will publish works in the magazine, and each issue will feature a one-shot spin-off of a Tezuka manga from these artists. The contributing artists and their spin-off works include: Message to Adolf by Juan Diaz Canales, Jungle Emperor by Reno Lemaire, Black Jack by Ken Niimura & Joe Kelly, Son-Goku the Monkey by Kenny Ruiz, Princess Knight by Elsa Brants, Metropolis by Mathieu Bablet, Dororo by Philippe Cardona & Florence Torta, and Apollo’s Song by Luis NCT.

Each issue of the magazine will have a theme, and will republish a Tezuka work based on that theme.

Source: ANN

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