Case Closed: Episode 890 – “The New Teacher’s Skeleton Case (Part Two)”

So, this episode continues the story that began in the previous episode. The recap did a good job of reminding the audience of what happened and where the story had left off.

At the beginning of the episode, Conan thought he had figured out how to crack the code that he found on a piece of evidence in the previous episode. When it seemed like the key Conan had made up from the characters and the schedule Ayumi had found would help crack the code, the kids got so excited. To be honest, I almost felt as excited as them. However, a part of me realized that this was just too early in the episode for them to have truly figured something out. Sure enough, I was right. The kids’ disappointment when they realized they hadn’t quite figured the code out was kind of sad for me, too.

As they’re about to leave for the day, the new assistant teacher, Wakasa-sensei, asks the kids to go to the old shed with her again because another teacher asked for her to get some lime for their class. Wakasa-sensei makes it a point to emphasize that she’s scared about going by herself.

The rest of the episode takes place at the shed. The group discovers that the shed has been ransacked, as if someone was looking for something. It’s here that Conan finally realizes what the code is and deciphers what the piece of evidence said. After deciphering the code, Conan finds what someone was looking for, then uses the code to lay a trap. While the case is solved and the guilty party apprehended by the end of the episode, it appears at one point that things may not go well… but something surprising happens.

In my write-up for the previous episode, I made a point of saying that Wakasa-sensei was acting suspiciously. However, we do learn that while she is acting suspiciously, it’s not for the reason that I had personally thought. By the end of the episode, it is confirmed that she’s not as she seems, but we still don’t know why she mysteriously came in as an assistant teacher at an unusual time of year. I suspect that Wakasa-sensei will be a character we see again, and will be another mystery for Conan to try to unravel.

For a two-part episode focusing on the Detective Boys, it was really well done. Hopefully, future episodes featuring the Detective Boys will be more like this one and less like the filler episodes that have featured them in the past.

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