Aniplex of America to Stream Today’s Menu for Emiya Family Anime on Crunchyroll on January 25, 2018

Aniplex of America has announced that it will stream the net anime adaptation of TAa’s Emiya-sanchi no Kyō no Gohan (Today’s Menu for Emiya Family) manga on Crunchyroll on January 25, 2018, with new episodes on the first of every month.

The first episode of the anime already aired in Japan during the “Fate Project Ōmisoka TV Special 2017” special on December 31, 2017. The anime will stream in Japan starting in February 2018 on AbemaTV, with new episodes premiering on the first of every month. However, the first episode will debut online on January 25, 2018.

TAa is credited with the original character designs, as well as the original work alongside Type-Moon. Takahiro Miura and Tetsuto Satō are directing the series. The studio ufotable is animating the series and is also credited with the script production. Toko Uchimura is designing the characters for animation. Gō Shiina is composing the music.

DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan (Ki/oon Music) are performing the opening theme song “Apron Boy,” and the group Sangatsu no Phantasia (SACRA MUSIC) are performing the ending theme song “Collage.”

Source: ANN

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