Case Closed: Episode 888 – “Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (Part Two)”

In the previous episode, we were left with two mysteries at the end of it: who was Kaito Kid disguised as, and what was the additional item in the trick box besides the moonstone?

Early on, we see Conan suspecting that Kaito Kid could have disguised himself as one of five people. He tries to make deductions about who he’s impersonating, but we don’t see him come to a definitive conclusion until right near the end. I have to admit that I was basically unsure until one particular character needed to go to the bathroom again. At that point, I suspected it was that individual. The next scene proved that seeing this character go to the bathroom was the final clue to unmask who Kaito Kid was disguised as.

When it came to the second object in the trick box, the widow suddenly began telling a story about an item that was important to both her and her late husband. When this exposition suddenly came up, I had a suspicion that this object was in the box along with the moonstone.

But it was kind of neat when Conan confronted Kaito Kid, and we got to see a flashback of a younger Kaito Kid and an interaction he had with the widow’s late husband. This flashback showed a side to Kaito Kid that I had never personally seen before in Case Closed. I also enjoyed hearing Conan explain how he deduced who Kaito Kid had been disguised as and how he knew whether or not Kaito Kid had actually opened the trick box when the lights were shut off at one point in the episode.

Overall, it was a decent conclusion for this two-part episode. Probably my biggest disappointment was how the second item in the trick box just kind of casually came up in a conversation without nothing happening to prod a memory out of the widow. It was ultimately really sweet what the object ended up being, but it just felt like its explanation came out of nowhere.

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