Case Closed: Episode 887 – “Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (Part One)”

So here we are, with the first episode of Case Closed to air in 2018. Not only did this episode have a new opening theme, it also had a new ending theme as well. With the episodes I’ve seen of Case Closed, having both themes change at the same time isn’t a typical thing. I enjoyed both of the new theme songs, though, and I’m looking forward to hearing them every episode… until they change again at some point, that is.

This is the first episode of this series that I’ve seen in quite a while that features Kaito Kid, the gentleman thief, so this is a very welcome change of pace.

The focus of this episode is on a recently widowed woman going to Jirokichi, Sonoko’s uncle, with a trick box created by a mid-19th century tinkerer. Inside the box is Luna Memoria, the world’s largest moonstone. Unfortunately, the instructions on how to open the trick box is stuck between the pages of one of the roughly 10,000 books her husband had in his library. The widow knows that the moonstone is something that Kaito Kid would be interested in, and this is why she approaches Jirokichi to help her.

Jirokichi posts a challenge to Kaito Kid on the internet, and he personally invites several people from among the main cast to try to help crack the mystery of the box. Jirokichi is also holding an event, where members of the public can take five minutes to try to open the trick box. But there’s a little catch to this particular trick box… if you don’t open it in the right way, a large needle will shoot out and prick you. Ouch! If I was in line to try to solve the trick box, and saw people getting stabbed with a big needle, I don’t think I would have stayed in line, even if there was an impressive sum of money being offered for the person who could figure out how to open it. Of course, the sign itself does mention the potential for injury, so that right there might have deterred me from even standing in line!

Early on in the episode, we see Kaito Kid taking pictures of certain characters on his phone, and randomly deciding who he will disguise himself as for this event. The audience doesn’t see who he ends up picking, though. Throughout the episode, there are hints thrown out that make it appear Kaito Kid could either be or not be disguised as these individuals. For the audience, the mystery is trying to figure out who Kaito Kid is disguised as. For the characters in the story, they’re trying to find which book has the instructions hidden in it, as well as keeping one eye open for Kaito Kid. I thought I had figured out who Kaito Kid was around halfway through the episode, but by the end, I didn’t feel confident that my initial guess was right.

The episode ends with Conan sensing Kaito Kid’s presence in the room, and he muses to himself about which person he’s disguised himself as. At least Conan has figured out that Kaito Kid is already there, but now he, like the audience, is trying to figure out who in the room is actually the gentleman thief.

I can’t wait to watch next week to find out the answer to this riddle, as well as to see what happens in regards to Kaito Kid and the trick box.

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