Yasuhiro Irie Aims to Launch New Halloween Pajama Kickstarter in March 2018

Yasuhiro Irie has announced on the “Halloween Pajama in Seattle” Kickstarter campaign page on that he plans to launch a new campaign in March 2018 for a 90-second opening sequence for the anime project. The goal for the new project would be 2 million yen (about US$17,620).

The crowdfunding project will also include a 90-second “simple” ending sequence featuring backer names. If the campaign succeeds, Irie said he hopes to have the opening sequence ready by Halloween in 2018.

The original Kickstarter campaign sought to raise funding for a 20-minute anime plus opening and ending sequences, and ended on December 6, 2017 after failing to reach its 20 million yen (about US$178,600) goal. Irie stated that he thought the campaign failed because of “the fact Halloween Pajama was not publicly well known.” Irie plans to release the first five volumes of the manga for Kindle by the end of 2017. He stated that if the new Kickstarter campaign in March 2018 succeeds, “it would eventually lead to production of the 20-minute musical animation that I planned in the very beginning.”

Source: ANN

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