Yen Press’ Announcements at Anime NYC 2017

Yen Press announced the following manga acquisitions at its Anime NYC 2017 panel:

The Strange Creature at Kuroyuri Apartments
by Gao Yuzuki

The apartment-sharing comedy manga begins with Meme, the daughter of the demon world’s most powerful summoner. After her father suddenly casts her into the human world to teach her some lessons, she finds an ad for an apartment with no rent or upfront fees. The catch: she has to entertain the young landlord Sentarō. To pass the test, she summons a strange creature and causes Sentarō to have a nosebleed.

Tsuno no Gakuen
by Mito Aoi

This school fantasy manga centers around horned boys who can control magic. Eru, who just enrolled in a magic school, is self-conscious that his horns are smaller than everyone else’s. Something begins to change when he encounters the ace student Rihito.

Caterpillar Girl and Bad Texter Boy
by Sanzō

This manga follows a socially awkward boy and his childhood friend who is beautiful, smart, kind, and just about perfect in every way. However, the boy turns down her confession of love. A few days later, the girl goes missing, only to reappear before the boy a few days later, after shedding her human form.

Teasing Master Takagi-san
by Soichiro Yamamoto

The manga centers on Nishikata, a middle school student who has suffered humiliation due to being teased by Takagi, the girl who sits next to him. Since then, he has vowed to one day do the same to her and succeed in teasing her.
The manga is inspiring a television anime next year.

Shibuya Goldfish
by Hiroumi Aoi

The story follows an average, albeit untidy guy named Tahatsu Tsukiyo. Tahatsu’s peaceful everyday life comes to an end when man-eating goldfish overtake Shibuya. The fish are everywhere, filling the famous scramble crossing, hanging near the Hachiko statue, and even floating through the city center all the while eating as many humans as they can. The unprecedented crisis marks the “worst survival competition in history.”

Fruits Basket another
by Natsuki Takaya

Manga sequel to Takaya’s original Fruits Basket manga. The manga takes place after Tohru has graduated high school, and features a girl named Sawa who has just entered the high school. When the manga started Takaya said the main cast (Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo) would not appear in the new series, but might be mentioned.

Little Witch Academia
by Yoh Yoshinari

Monthly Shōnen Ace manga adaptation of Trigger’s anime of the same name.

Source: ANN

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