Crunchyroll’s Website Is Being Redirected to Server With Malicious Software

**UPDATE: Crunchyroll has given the “all clear,” and the site is now working as it should.**

**UPDATE 2: Ellation, Crunchyroll’s parent company, has made a blog post explaining what happened and the steps to take to remove the malware program from your computer if you downloaded it.**

The web address for the streaming service Crunchyroll is redirecting to a server that forces most web browsers to download software without authorization since before 8:00 a.m. EDT on November 4, 2017. The front page of the new server claims “A New Media Player” for Crunchyroll (with grammatical errors), and automatically sends a “CrunchyViewer.exe” program for download. Also, instead of the unauthorized server with the CrunchyViewer.exe software download, some users who go to thesite may see the proper Crunchyroll server, but with a message reporting that “an error has occurred.”

Crunchyroll’s official German Twitter account is advising users to avoid accessing the Crunchyroll website, because there is a problem with “malicious software.” If someone has already downloaded the CrunchyViewer.exe program, the German account urges them to delete the program, to not run the program, and to scan their computers for possible viruses or other malicious software. The service also says, “if you have run [the CrunchyViewer.exe program], change all your passwords and backup your data.”

The service’s German Twitter account also said that people who access the service through a Crunchyroll app (instead of through the website) “should be safe,” although the service is not streaming as of press time. The Twitter account emphasized that the service’s servers have not been compromised, and explained that “at the moment, it appears to be DNS hijacking.”

Source: ANN

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