Shueisha to Launch Grand Jump Mecha Magazine

Shuiesha has announced that it will launch a new special edition magazine titled Grand Jump Mecha on November 29, 2017. The magazine is a collaboration with online manga distribution platform Mecha Comics. (Note: The Japanese word “mecha” means “absurd” or “extreme” and does not refer to robots or mechanics.)

The focus of the magazine will be “sexual entertainment” for “men and women of all ages.” It will feature a new story from R Kurosawa’s Kingyo Tsume (Goldfish Wife) omnibus manga about adultery and “special chapter” for Kazuki Funatsu’s Sundome!! Milky Way alien comedy manga. It will also run Akiko Monden’s Eros no Shushi (Eros Seed) manga, which Shueisha is publishing in volume format, but the website did not confirm if it will have new chapters.

The magazine will also include new manga: NON’s Delivery Cinderella -Repeat- will be one-shot for the Delivery Cinderella manga that ran in Young Jump, and Tōzai’s ASK is an adaptation of Fuyuki Shindō’s novel that serialized in Weekly Playboy.

Source: ANN

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