Sunrights Licenses the Beyblade Burst Evolution Sequel Anime for the United States and Canada

d-rights’ U.S. subsidiary Sunrights has announced that it has licensed Beyblade Burst Evolution, “Season 2” of the Beyblade Burst anime series. The company has licensed the anime to Disney XD in the United States and to Corus Entertainment’s Teletoon and Disney XD channels in Canada. In Japan, the sequel to Beyblade Burst is titled Beyblade Burst God.

Beyblade Burst premiered in Japan in April 2016, and Beyblade Burst God premiered in April 2017.

The Beyblade Burst anime began airing on Canada’s Teletoon channel in September 2016, and then premiered on Disney XD for two weeks on December 19, 2016. Daisuki began streaming the series with English subtitles later in December 2016, and English-dubbed episodes are available digitally via Disney XD’s digital platforms and the Beyblade Burst YouTube channel.

Source: ANN

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