Anime Strike Announces Its Simulcast Lineup for the Fall 2017 Anime Season

Anime Strike has announced the anime titles that it will be simulcasting during the Fall 2017 season:

  • Just Because! – premieres on October 5, 2017
  • Girls’ Last Tour – premieres on October 6, 2017
  • Yuki Yuna is A Hero – The Washio Sumi Chapter- / -Hero Chapter- – premieres on October 6, 2017
  • Land of the Lustrous – premieres on October 7, 2017
  • Himouto! Umaruchan R – premieres on October 8, 2017
  • Inuyashiki – premieres on October 12, 2017

UQ Holder! premiered on the platform on October 2, 2017. Anime Strike will also continue to stream new episodes of Altair: A Record of Battles and Welcome to the Ballroom.

Sentai Filmworks had previously announced that My Girlfriend is Shobitch will stream on Anime Strike, but this title was not included on Amazon’s list.

Source: ANN

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