Aria English Dub Kickstarter Adds a Stretch Goal for the Aria the Natural Anime

Nozomi Entertainment’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to provide an English dub for its HD release of Aria the Animation has announced a US$180,000 stretch goal for dubbing and Blu-ray Disc production of the first part of the second anime series, Aria the Natural. The second half of Aria the Natural will also get an English dub if the project reaches US$240,000. If the project does not reach the stretch goals, the staff will still devote the additional funds toward lowering the goal of a future Kickstarter for the second series, but the update noted that the overall cost will be less expensive if both series are funded with the same Kickstarter campaign.

The project met its initial goal of US$110,000 within a week of its launch on August 12, 2017. As of this writing, the project has raised US$145,743, surpassing its first stretch goal for 5.1 English audio for the first season.

The dub will be recorded at Headline Studios in New York. The cast will include Michele Knotz, Jessica Calvello, and Lisa Ortiz.

Source: ANN

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