Anime Blog Posts That Caught My Eye This Week (July 28, 2017)

First, I’d like to highlight the second installment of “Really That Bad?,” a new series of articles by Artemis at Otaku Lounge. In this series of articles, Artemis and Watson are examining anime that have been deemed worthy contenders for “Worst Anime of All Time.” What I like about this concept is that they aren’t simply bashing anime; instead, they have an entertaining discussion about the various aspects of the anime that they’re watching for these articles:

Over the course of this week, several bloggers had interesting posts that talked about various aspects of the anime industry, shared why they like anime so much, or provided a guessing game for their readers:

I’ve already written several reviews of the Haikyu!! anime on my blog, but it’s nice to share other’s perspectives on the same topic:

Late last week, I started watching the BTOOOM! anime, so I was kind of tickled to discover that a blogger I follow also started watching the series around the same time. I’m highlighting their review of the first episode. I just finished the series myself, so if all goes well, I will have my own review of BTOOOM! up on my blog soon:

And over the past week, Karandi wrapped up the 30 Day Anime Challenge, and I am highlighting the final post from the challenge:

One comment

  1. Keiko · July 28, 2017

    Thanks for featuring me on this post! What a coincidence that we were watching the show around the same time! :’)

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