IG Port Launches Project Bigship Contest

IG Port, the parent company of animation studios Production I.G, Wit Studio, XEBEC, Signal.MD, and publisher Mag Garden, has announced a new contest called “Project Bigship,” which invites creators to submit works for different categories overseen by each subsidiary company. The project celebrates the 10 years since the founding of the IG Port company (the parent company was founded in 2007 after a merger between Production I.G and Mag Garden).

Those who wish to submit works may do so following the listed criteria of works for each company. Each company will have its own panel of judges who will determine the best work out of all the submissions for each category. In addition, judges from each category will judge each Gold prize award winner for each category to determine who will win the grand prize. The grand prize winner will receive 3 million yen (about US$26,257) and an anime adaptation of the submission.

The deadline for submissions is on January 31, 2018. There will be three rounds of screenings. The first screening will see each company narrow down the submissions to the most excellent entries. The companies will then select a winning Gold prize winner for each category during the second round. The judges will then select the grand prize winner in the final round. IG Port will announce the awardees in Spring 2018.

The judges for the grand prize include Kozue Amano, Tow Ubukata, Haruki Kasugamori, Kemuri Karakara, Katsuyuki Motohiro, and Kore Yamazaki.

Source: ANN

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