AnimeNEXT Announces Yuri!!! on Ice Staff as Guests

AnimeNEXT has announced that it will host animators Junpei Tatenaka and Noriko Itou, animation producer Takahiro Ogawa, and color designer Izumi Hirose at its upcoming convention.

Tatenaka previously worked at Disney Animation Japan before working on anime, working on such films as Pooh’s Grand Adventure, Pocahontas 2, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Mulan 2. He works as a freelance animation supervisor, and worked on such anime as Major, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, and Ace of Diamond. He worked with director Sayo Yamamoto on her “Endless Night” Japan Animator Expo ice skating short, and worked with her again as the lead figure skating animator in the Yuri!!! on Ice anime.

Itou is a freelance key animator and animation supervisor, and has drawn or supervised cuts on such anime as Saint Seiya Omega, Pok√©mon XY, Terror in Resonance, Yona of the Dawn, Punch Line, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Kids on the Slope, among many others. She was the prop designer and lead animation supervisor for Yuri!!! on Ice.

Ogawa works at the anime studio MAPPA, and has worked as a production desk manager and animation producer on such titles as Rage of Bahamut Genesis, Garo: Divine Flame, and Yuri!!! on Ice.

Hirose works at Production I.G, and her works include the color design for such anime as Attack on Titan, Dead Leaves, Ghost in the Shell Arise, Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Steamboy, xxxHOLiC, and Guilty Crown. She served as the color designer for Yuri!!! on Ice.

AnimeNEXT will be taking place June 9-11, 2017 at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Source: ANN

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