VIZ Media Announces New Manga, Novel and Art Book Acquisitions at Anime Boston 2017

VIZ Media announced plans to expand its manga publishing catalog with an array of notable new title acquisitions during its official panel event held at Anime Boston.

The new series set for launch this Fall and Winter include the post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure Children of the Whales as well as an in-depth exploration of the artwork from Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: Zakki. The new shojo series SP Baby, from the creator of Happy Marriage?!, and a captivating anthology of horror manga in Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories were also announced at Anime Boston. The battle-filled novel Juni Taisen: Zodiac Warriors will be the first of the newly announced titles to debut in Fall 2017.

Additional information on each of these titles will be announced in the near future.

New Fall & Winter VIZ Media Publishing Acquisitions

Debuts October 2017

Rampage. Weep. Kill. Every 12 years, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac take the form of warriors and engage in the ultimate battle royal. They face one another in battles to the death, using all the powers of their star signs, and the sole survivor is granted the ultimate prize – a wish. Any wish. Don’t miss this highly anticipated hardcover release.

Rated “T” for Teens
Debuts November 2017

A gripping post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure by creator Abi Umeda. In an endless sea of sand drifts the Mud Whale, a floating island city of clay and magic. In its chambers a small community clings to survival, most dying young from the very powers that sustain them.

Debuts November 2017

Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: Zakki features artwork and behind-the-scenes notes, commentary and ruminations from Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. Discover the creative process that brought the hit manga and anime to life, in gloriously ghoulish full color.

Rated “T+” for Older Teens
Debuts November 2017

In this new josei manga series, Tamaki Hasegawa misses an interview for a much-needed job in order to stop an assault on a man running for his life. The man, Kagetora Sugo, is the prime minister’s nephew. He then asks Tamaki to become his bodyguard.

Rated “T+” for Older Teens
Debuts December 2017

A stunning must-read release from the master of horror manga. This volume includes nine of Junji Ito’s best short stories, as selected by the author himself and presented with accompanying notes and commentary. An arm peppered with tiny holes dangles from a sick girl’s window. After an idol hangs herself, balloons bearing faces appear in the sky, some even featuring your own face. An amateur film crew hires an extremely individualistic fashion model and faces a real bloody ending. An offering of nine fresh nightmares for the delectation of horror fans.

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