English Cast Announced for Dragon Ball Z Kai’s Buu Saga

The English cast has been announced for the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai:

  • Kyle Hebert is Gohan
  • Doc Morgan is Narrator
  • Alexis Tipton is Erasa
  • Kara Edwards is Videl
  • Duncan Brannan is Sharpner
  • Sean Schemmel is Goku
  • Dameon Clarke is Cell
  • Jeremy Inman is Android 16
  • Chris Ayres is Frieza
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard is Young Gohan
  • Sean Schemmel is King Kai
  • Monica Rial is Bulma
  • Cynthia Cranz is Chi-Chi
  • Christopher R. Sabat is Vegeta
  • Charlie Campbell is Mayor
  • Phil Parsons is Rock
  • Kara Edwards is Goten
  • J. Michael Tatum is Musuka
  • Chuck Huber is Strongman
  • Mike McFarland is Toto
  • Monica Rial is Chobi
  • Rawly Pickens is Mrs. Toto
  • Jason Douglas is South Kai
  • Linda Young is Baba
  • Brad Jackson is Oolong
  • Kyle Hebert is Ox King
  • Brina Palencia is Puar
  • Eric Vale is Announcer
  • Wally West is Fake Cell
  • Jay Garrick is Fake Mr. Satan
  • Bart Allen is Fake Goku
  • Josh Grelle is Ikose
  • Robert McCollum is Jewel
  • John Burgmeier is Yamu
  • Chuck Huber is Kibito
  • Andrew T. Chandler is Spopovitch
  • Chris Cason is Pintar
  • Jim Foronda is Mighty Mask
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard is Young Goku
  • Apphia Yu is Imamu
  • Jamie Marchi is Idasa’s Mom
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard is Android 18
  • Chris Cason is Mr. Popo
  • Justin Cook is Dende
  • Mike McFarland is Master Roshi
  • Tia Ballard is Marron
  • Chris Cason is Turtle
  • J. Michael Tatum is Papoi
  • Christopher R. Sabat is Piccolo
  • Sonny Strait is Krillin
  • Christopher R. Sabat is Bubbles
  • Christopher R. Sabat is Yamcha
  • Eric Vale is Trunks
  • John Burgmeier is Gregory
  • John Burgmeier is Tien

Christopher R. Sabat is directing.

Source: ANN

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