VIZ Media winds down summer and welcomes the Fall reading season with a brand new digital manga update for October 2016 as well as Assassination Classroom promotions celebrating series creator Yusei Matsui’s New York Comic Con 2016 appearance.

This month, readers can dive into a wide range of noteworthy new releases that includes Tokyo Ghoul: Days, the first in a new line of novels inspired by the hit manga series created by Sui Ishida, the digital exclusive release of the shojo drama, Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Volume 4, as well as 7thgarden Volume 2, Kuroko’s Basketball 2-in-1 Volume 2, and Assassination Classroom Volume 12.

Assassination Classroom Manga Promotion

VIZ Media celebrates the first-ever North American appearance of Assassination Classroom manga creator Yusei Matsui at New York Comic Con 2016, taking place this month. To celebrate Yusei Matsui’s visit there will be two Assassination Classroom digital sales available for a limited time:

  • Assassination Classroom Digital Volume Sale: All available volumes of Assassination Classroom on sale for $4.99 per volume. Available October 4–10, 2016 on all digital platforms.
  • Assassination Classroom Digital Bundle Sale: A digital bundle that includes Volumes 1-11 for only $45, approximately 41% off. Available October 4-10, 2016 on and comiXology only.

In addition to the Assassination Classroom promotions, readers can look forward to Halloween themed sales featuring your favorite frightening reads. Check for the latest sales.

Weekly Shonen Jump readers can also look forward to Yusei Matsui celebrations by visiting the Weekly Shonen Jump website. The first seven chapters of Assassination Classroom will be available on the Weekly Shonen Jump website’s free section for the extent of the creator’s New York Comic Con appearance. Check the website for more free chapters from fan-favorite series available this month.

Weekly Shonen Jump is the world’s premier manga brand and leading international weekly manga magazine. Starting October 3, 2016, Hunter x Hunter will join the website’s free section. New chapters of Hunter x Hunter will be added every day for new and current fans to enjoy. Other series currently available in Weekly Shonen Jump‘s free section include the new Jump Start series, Red Sprite, as well as Dragon Ball Super, Haikyu!!, One-Punch Man, Naruto: Chibi Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend and more.

New October 2016 Digital Manga:

Additional digital manga updates for October 2016 include new volumes for 14 continuing VIZ Media series. Notable releases include the latest volumes for Black Clover (Volume 3), Food Wars! (Volume 14), Haikyu!! (Volume 4), Monster Hunter (Volume 4), and Tokyo Ghoul (Volume 9). New shojo manga releases include Honey So Sweet (Volume 4), Kamisama Kiss (Volume 22), My Love Story!! (Volume 10), So Cute It Hurts!! (Volume 9) and Yona of the Dawn (Volume 2).