Anime Spotlight: Black Blood Brothers

I was first exposed to Black Blood Brothers back in 2008 when I watched the first episode on a DVD that came with an issue of Otaku USA magazine. However, I hadn’t had the opportunity to watch the entire series until just recently. It took me almost a decade to finally watch the whole series, but as they say, better late than never.

It’s a series that ultimately starts out with a lot of promise, and I was riveted by the story and by how various details were slowly being revealed throughout. I’m usually not a big fan of vampire stories, but Black Blood Brothers had something to it that helped it appeal to me. I think this was perhaps due to the main protagonists being very likable, which helped me to be interested in their story as the series progressed. Although I was a little disappointed by the fact that I had managed to guess a major revelation that happened at the end of the series, and that I was able to predict it so early in the series. When this major revelation was made, it ended being anti-climactic for me.

Unfortunately, the ending of the Black Blood Brothers is a let-down, because it ends up becoming another anime that seems like it’s laying the foundation for a second season of the series by introducing new information and elements, but then the last episode just stops the story. I know it’s based on a light novel, so I suspect that the light novel was still being published at the time the anime was being produced and the anime had to find a logical stopping place for the series. Unfortunately, this leaves major plot threads unresolved. Perhaps the door was being left open to potentially produce a second season of Black Blood Brothers, but that nothing further ended up happening for the anime.

In the end, I’m glad I finally watched all the episodes of Black Blood Brothers, and it’s not a bad series for what it is. Unfortunately, I was disappointed enough by the series’ non-ending that I don’t feel compelled to buy FUNimation’s home video release in order to add Black Blood Brothers to my anime collection.

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  1. Karandi · July 7, 2016

    I really liked this too and was also disappointed by the non-end. I did end up buying the DVD but I just wished they had finished the story, I really loved the characters in this.

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