English Cast Announced for the Juden-chan Anime

The English cast for the Juden-chan anime has been announced:

  • Daniel J. Edwards is Sento Oumi
  • Brittany Lauda is Plug Cryostat
  • Kira Buckland is Arresta Blanket
  • Daisy Guevara is Rona Elmo
  • Felecia Angelle is Iono Tomogana
  • Cheryl Li is Hakone Oumi
  • Matt Shipman is the Narrator and Mysterious Villain
  • Amber Lee Connors is Pulse Trans
  • Jessi Nowack is Sokko
  • Caitlynn French is Maako
  • Amanda Lee is Chiiko
  • Tessa Whitten is Takko
  • Miranda Gauvin is Rinko
  • Hazel Summer is Reika Galvani
  • Rose Dyson is Kuran Shunt
  • Yara Naika is Sweetie Millie
  • Michaela A. Laws is Bloody Silica
  • Michele Knotz is The Boss
  • David Errigo Jr. is Kenta
  • Billy Bob Thompson is Bitch
  • Matt Shipman is Paita
  • Ricco Fajardo is Tentacle Monster
  • Rochelle J. Chiang is Ruiji
  • Eddy Lee is Akihiro
  • Milly Prower is Author
  • Nicole Martino is Luto Hougetsu
  • Kimlinh Tran is Charger Girl Engineer
  • Jennifer Layla is Sunday Mama’s Waitress
  • Malika Butler is Neodym PA
  • Mike Hecht is Santa Bear

Additional voices in the show include: Vic Mignogna, Mike Hecht, Matt Shipman, Ricco Fajardo, Jon Tanton, Greg Nugent, Leo Wiggins, Michael A. Zekas, Malika Butler, Jennifer Layla, Nicole Martino, Howard Wang, Adam Tilford, Natalie Van Sistine, Kira Buckland, David Errigo Jr., Meli Grant, and Brittany Lauda.

Brittany Lauda is directing.

Source: ANN

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