Anime Spotlights: Kamisama Kiss, Baldr Force EXE, and Murder Princess

Now that I’ve returned to the workforce part time, I’m not going to have the time to do the in-depth write ups for each anime I’ve watched like I have in the past. However, I plan to, from time to time, to write a post like this one, where I’ll briefly share my impressions of anime that I’ve recently watched and completed.

Back in my days of writing for BellaOnline, I would sample one or two episodes of an anime and then write about it. I have quite a few titles I did this with, and I currently have a goal of going back and trying to watch as many of these anime in their entirety as possible. Over this past week, I’ve made it through Kamisama Kiss, Kamisama Kiss 2, Baldr Force EXE, and Murder Princess.

Kamisama Kiss and Kamisama Kiss 2: I had originally sampled the first episode of Kamisama Kiss before I started to read the manga. After I started reading the manga, I had wanted to watch the anime but never had the time due to all of the simulcasts I was watching and doing weekly write ups for. But in some respects, it’s nice that I had to wait, since a second season has been released and simulcast since then. I enjoyed both Kamisama Kiss and Kamisama Kiss 2, and I thought it adapted the manga rather faithfully. The second season of Kamisama Kiss was produced before the manga ended, so it only goes up to the storyline that happens on Kurama mountain. Now that the manga has finished in Japan, I hope that at some point there could be a third season of the Kamisama Kiss anime that would adapt the remaining story arcs in the manga.

Baldr Force EXE: This is a four-episode OVA. I was a little concerned about character development and how the story would progress in only four 30-minute episodes. After watching it, though, I don’t think they really could have made the series any longer than it was. Yes, it caused a lot of rapid-fire development and plot revelations, but I can’t really see how this could have been avoided without stretching out the story with inconsequential material. The main drawback to this series is the CG animation for the mecha, because it didn’t look very good or mesh well with the other animation, and it ultimately stood out like a sore thumb.

Murder Princess: This is a six-episode OVA. It has an interesting storyline going into it, although there were times when the plot twists ended up being predictable. It also felt like it had a rather open-ended conclusion, and that perhaps the door was being left open to continue the story with another series. While most of the plot points are resolved, the first and most major plot point of the story is left unresolved. As a viewer, I thought that was a little disappointing, but the overall story was interesting enough that it lessens the disappointment I had with the ending.

Additional Anime Spotlights:

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