Manga Review: Yukarism Volume Four

Yukarism Volume 4 focuses on a 17-year-old writer named Yukari Kobayakawa, whose soul has the ability to travel into the Edo period and inhabit the body of a renowned female courtesan named Yumurasaki. It’s revealed that two people that Yukari meets in present day Japan have a connection to people that Yumurasaki knew in the Edo period.

Yukarism Volume 4
Written by: Chika Shiomi
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 3, 2015

Volume 4 is the final volume for Yukarism, and this becomes evident to the reader rather early on. As the final chapters of the story unfold, Yukari receives revelation after revelation and finally pieces everything together. These revelations are just as rapid fire for the reader as they are for Yukari.

After I finished reading Yukarism Volume 4, I was satisfied with how everything turned out. In a lot of respects, much of what happened here was predictable, but there was something about the execution of these events that made them feel more unique. Events that revolve around Yukari and Yumurasaki also become very intense, and I found myself riveted by what was happening to them. Shimoi’s portrayal of these events evokes a sense of immediacy for the reader, and keeps them wanting to read on in order to find out what’s going to happen.

It was also a little trippy to see just how much the past and the present overlapped in this volume, especially when some of Yukari’s classmates begin seeing the past selves of Yukari and Mahoro instead of their present day counterparts. To me, this was a sure sign that something would have to give in order to stop the overlapping and putting everything back to normal.

The art in Volume 4 continues to show a distinct difference between present day and the Edo period. However, as the Edo period begins overlapping with present day, Shiomi still tries to use more definition on the Edo period characters even though they’re being seen in current day Japan. I appreciated seeing that this attention to detail was utilized during the overlapping, because it truly helped to emphasize the unusual nature of the overlapping of the eras.

Readers who have followed this series from its beginning will appreciate Yukarism Volume 4. It has a satisfying conclusion, even if some parts of the journey to reach the ending are on the predictable side.

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