Anime Spotlight: Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season

Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season is a continuation of the anime adaptation of the Snow White with the Red Hair manga. The series is animated by BONES and directed by Masahiro Ando. Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season aired on Japanese television from January 11-March 28, 2016. As of this writing, FUNimation Entertainment holds the North American distribution license for Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season.

The second season of Snow White with the Red Hair opens with Mihaya reappearing, bearing news that a mysterious boy named Kazuki is out to kidnap Shirayaki. On top of this, Prince Izana informs Shirayuki that she is invited to a ball in her home country of Tanbarun and he forces her to attend. By returning to Tanbarun, Shirayuki must be around Prince Raj, which is rather awkward. But Shirayuki makes it her goal to try to find a way to improve her relationship with him. But as Shirayuki is making progress on her goal, she is kidnapped. Zen and Raj must team together to try to rescue her. A little over half of the season is focused on this story arc, and by the end of it, Shirayuki learns something amazing in the midst of all of the awkwardness and confusion.

After an episode that provides a small bit of backstory for Obi, the remainder of the season focuses on trying to figure out the future of Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship.

I admit that when the story arc with Prince Raj first started, I was a little annoyed about having to see him again. However, the arc was very well done, and it tied up the loose end of the awkwardness of Raj and Shirayuki being around each other. Also, this provided some very needed character advancement for Raj, which helped to make him a more tolerable character than he had been in the first season. And it turns out that Raj plays an important role in the direction that Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship takes at the end of the final episode.

The episode that provided some backstory for Obi was also nice to see. While it may not have provided much backstory, it was just enough to better understand him as a character. Speaking of Obi, it was interesting to notice that after several hints seemed to be dropped during the first season that he had feelings for Shirayuki, that basically disappeared after the second season’s first story arc. In the end, I think this was a good thing, especially since hints were getting dropped that perhaps Raj was becoming interested in Shirayuki while they spent time together in Tanbarun. I prefer Obi having a role as a friend and ally to Shirayuki who’s willing to help her out.

The final three episodes sees Shirayuki having a couple of life-changing events happen to her, as well as trying to figure out how she feels about Zen and if their relationship can ever have a future. But throughout the series, even in her moments of doubt, Shirayuki still displayed the agency that I appreciated seeing during the first season of the series.

The second season of Snow White with the Red Hair was the perfect continuation of the first season. Many loose ends were tied up by the end of it, and at least a couple of characters made great strides in their progression. The series ended pretty much as I expected it to, although there’s enough wiggle room for fanfiction writers to have a field day about how they would progress the story from the anime’s ending point. And the way the final episode was done, it was made very clear that it was the final episode of the anime.

Viewers who watched and enjoyed the first season of Snow White with the Red Hair won’t be disappointed by what happens in the second season of the series.

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