AnimEigo’s Kickstarter campaign for a “High Octane Edition” Blu-ray Disc release for the Riding Bean OAV met its US$30,000 goal on March 7, 2016, the same day it launched. As of this writing, the campaign has earned US$68,594. AnimEigo founder and CEO Robert J. Woodhead revealed on his official Twitter account that the campaign took 50 minutes to meet its goal.

The campaign’s first stretch goal will feature new artwork by Kenichi Sonoda on the case sleeve. This stretch goal has been met. The next stretch goal was a new four-page manga mini-story drawn by Sonoda for the insert and artbook at US$60,000, which has also been met. The current stretch goal is a Japanese commentary track featuring Sonoda and “1-2 other Japanese commentators” at US$90,000.

Backer rewards include a digital archive of setting materials and the script, the anime on Blu-ray Disc, patches, a 180-page artbook, keychains, production cels, a scale model of Bean’s “Buff” car, a personally inscribed sketch by Kenichi Sonoda, and B4-size color illustrations by Sonoda.

AnimEigo plans to release the anime in December 2016.

Source: ANN