Three Guests Announced for Anime Boston 2016

Anime Boston has announced the following guests for its forthcoming convention:

  • voice actor Toshio Furukawa
  • voice actress Shino Kakinuma
  • producer Masao Maruyama

Furukawa’s credits include Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z, Portgas D. Ace in One Piece, Kageroza Inaba in Bleach, Kai Shiden in Mobile Suit Gundam, Ataru Moroboshi in Urusei Yatsura, Shin in Fist of the North Star, Sakamoto in Maison Ikkoku, Asuma Shinohara in Patlabor, Leon McNichol in Bubblegum Crisis, Hawks Eye in Sailor Moon Super S, Enedora in World Trigger, and Asura in Soul Eater.

Kakinuma’s roles include Naru Osaka in Sailor Moon, Videl in Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Rie Kakinoki in Kemonozume. She and Furukawa are married.

Maruyama helped found MADHOUSE in 1972, and has since gone on to produce such anime as Unico, Ninja Scroll, Card Captor Sakura, Monster, Death Note, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Paprika, Redline, and Supernatural the Animation. Maruyama left MADHOUSE in 2011 to form MAPPA.

Anime Boston will be taking place March 25-27, 2016.

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